482075_3979834468327_981489_nI am passionate about science communication, and in 2018, I left academia and took on a new role editing manuscripts for mostly non-English-speaking researchers to help them communicate their research more effectively. I value the opportunity to help others succeed by removing barriers to the publishing process.

Prior to moving back to the Midwest, I’ve had the opportunity to work in a vast array of freshwater and marine environments in the US, sub-Saharan Africa, and South America. Specifically, my work has included managing a freshwater ecology lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison; instituting aquaculture programs with Zambian subsistence farmers; estimating bycatch aboard commercial fishing vessels on the East coast; determining non-native fish escapement potential from Colorado reservoirs; estimating salmon escapement in Alaskan rivers; and calculating straying rates of salmon in headwater streams in the Idaho wilderness.

I’m broadly interested in fish ecology and native species conservation as well as the conservation/human interface related to current and pending environmental threats.